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Our Core Principles 

Butter Beans operates under four core values, which are the guiding principles throughout our business.  The principles guide us in many ways, including how we set our strategy, targets and goals; our established procedures and daily routines coupled with our employees' training programs; and how we measure our performance each day. Butter Beans core principles are ingrained in our business and they define who we are. 


A Strong People EnvironmentOur employees are Butter Beans’ greatest asset.  A strong people environment starts with a productive culture, where we maintain a respectful, supportive and professional surrounding. It includes collaborative and strong teamwork, where our employees learn new skills, take on additional responsibilities and grow with the company.  Through this effort, we have strong employee retention and Butter Beans is known for our employees and their leadership.


Exceptional Food Quality: Food quality is essential to Butter Beans.  It starts with the sourcing of high quality, fresh ingredients from reputable vendors.  It includes the procedures and control points from that point forward from the receipt of raw goods to the final product served to our customers each day.  

Food taste and customer presentation is a vital part of our food quality core principle supported with established training and operating procedures to ensure the exceptional presentation to our customers. 

Outstanding Customer Service: Butter Beans is a customer centric organization.  We purposely seek individuals who are liked minded with strong customer service and hospitality attributes.  Our employees participate in our customer service training and we seek to go above and beyond.  Butter Beans’ customer service training material was created in collaboration with our top employees and our  customers.

Professional Kitchen Environment: Whether our commissary or school kitchens, Butter Beans maintains an organized, disciplined and professional environment.  This principle ties everything together - it results in established procedures, routines and best practices.  It provides for kitchen and food safety excellence and it supports an efficient production and service environment.  This purposeful environment is an excellent training setting for employees, while ensuring dependability that our customers rely upon.   

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