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Our commissary kitchen model provides schools without an on-site kitchen with a full service school meal program. Under this model, all school meals are freshly made from wholesome ingredients at our commissary kitchen in Queens, New York. Our commissary kitchen model ensures that our schools receive nutritious, delicious meals that are made with specific attention to high quality, locally sourced ingredients all within an efficient and safe operation and in accordance with food safety guidelines and regulations.

With a built-to-scale business model that has been matured over the last 13 years, the commissary kitchen allows us to efficiently add new schools, leverage economies of scale, minimize waste, ensure strong quality controls and meet the needs of school that maintain limited on-site kitchen facilities. The commissary kitchen is run by our Executive Chef, who is responsible for food safety, kitchen operations, food procurement and production.

All meals are transported and delivered by our in-house transportation team utilizing Butter Beans’ commercial food delivery vans and trucks. Over the past decade, the company has developed efficient and safe operations in the staging, pack out, transportation and delivery of our meals to each of our customers. Our transportation group works in a coordinated effort with our production kitchen and customer service group to ensure the accurate and safe delivery of all meals.

Butter Beans maintains an on-site food service team that is responsible for preparing and warming the hot entrees, as well as serving meals to the students and staff throughout each dining period. Our food service team members are employees of Butter Beans and have extensive food service experience, including food handling expertise and safety certificates.

Butter Beans food service teams are supported by an on-site supervisor combined with an Account Manager. The Account Manager is responsible for the supervision of our on-site team; reviewing the quality of the meals provided; acting as the primary contact for staff, teachers and parents; and providing other support functions for the schools.

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Students and staff will receive a variety of healthy food options chosen from a hot bar and cold bar each day, cooked fresh in our kitchen in Queens. 

The hot bar menu changes each day to reflect student favorites, seasonal changes and the balance required for a healthy diet. For each menu item, we gather daily intelligence
from our on-site staff on everything from preparation, presentation, popularity and student and staff feedback and comments. We use this data from each school in the Butter Beans network to ensure we continuously provide a quality lunch to each customer.


Butter Beans will further customize the school meal program consistent with the school community, culture, and other requirements. At Butter Beans, we respect the fact that,
as your lunch service provider, we are an integral part of your community. It is our culture to be respectful and responsive to each school we serve, not only as it relates to our menu and food quality, but also as it relates to logistics, facilities and curriculums.

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