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Menu Planning: Allergies and Dietary Restrictions


Our Director of Community & Nutrition crafts our menu from customer favorites and aims to include foods that can satisfy the pickiest of eaters while still providing variety to those more adventurous with their choices. Our director speaks directly with students, parents, and teachers throughout the school year to regularly receive feedback and works with our Executive Chef to make sure that our meals meet our nutritional standards and are well received by our students.

To address dietary needs, Butter Beans provides a wide variety of food options each day to work with all kinds of dietary restrictions and tastes through the following:
● At least one vegetarian, allergy free entrée every day
● Advanced availability of monthly menus to students, families, and staff so program participants may review the menu and connect with our team on any questions they may have
● Carefully labeled menus indicating the presence of major allergens like gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and/or sesame in the ingredients, as well as the vegetarian entrée option(s) for each day
● Cafeteria signage indicating potential allergens in foods being served

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