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Kitchen and food safety is paramount to our business and the communities we serve. Under a controlled environment through our commissary kitchen and transportation systems, combined with strict employee training and safety protocol, Butter Beans has maintained enhanced safety procedures since February 2020. These practices and procedures are summarized as follows:

  • Our commissary kitchen is maintained under a constant state of sanitation and cleanliness, where access is limited to authorized personnel 

  • All vendors must schedule delivery during non-production hours and follow our standard COVID safety procedures 

  • All high-traffic surfaces are cleaned throughout the day and at the close of the daily production schedules 

  • All areas outside of the kitchen are sanitized and cleaned each day 

  • All employees are required to attended our COVID 19 safety training program

  • Butter Beans maintains strict procedures regarding temperature checks, employee protocol regarding possible COVID 19 exposures and symptoms, hand washing techniques, use of PPE, etc.  

  • All employees are required to change their clothing upon arrival from “traveler’s clothing” to proper “kitchen attire.”

  • All meals are individually packaged within the controlled environment of our commissary kitchen

  • All Butter Beans’ delivery vehicles are under a constant state of sanitation and cleanliness

  • All delivery personnel wear personal protective equipment (mask and gloves) throughout their shift

  • Proper physical distance is maintained throughout the production and transportation process

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